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Conscious Couples

A 4-part self paced course to help you elevate your relationship intentionally.

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What does it mean to be conscious in a relationship?

A conscious relationship is a shared, co-created and mutual experience. It is necessary for both partners to have an open mind and the willingness to let go of any previous conditioning or beliefs that limits and prevents them from creating a better bond together.

Conscious Relationships can be experienced when both partners are

👉🏼 Self-Aware

👉🏼 Willing to understand their triggers and do the work

👉🏼 Emotionally Intelligent

👉🏼 Active participants

👉🏼 Effective Communicators

👉🏼 Individually Motivated

👉🏼 Team Players

and are

👉🏼 Working towards their highest versions together

But…most of us might be used to thinking about relationships differently. We might believe that relationships are supposed to be effortless!

Or that relationships are about understanding each other without explicitly stating our needs!

And that if a relationship is meant to be there should not be any conflicts!


This can happen because growing up we do not see a free or open discussion on living in a partnership : it’s always the public front of all couples which is rather good and amicable most times leading us to think that happy couples are ones who are always happy. Or there might be a stark contrast where we see couples being volatile and unhappy and still being together, leading us to believe that we can be our worst selves with our partners and they are obliged to love us. Both scenarios leads to unhappy commitments and marriages.

At Conscious Couples , we will debunk some huge but common myths together. This debunking is necessary to experience a healthy, fulfilled relationship .

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