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Hi, I am Kasturi 🫡

And I might be your 🆕 therapist!

I believe that our triggers direct us towards much-needed change, if we allow them to. Throughout 2014-2018, I was eating and drinking my days through stress, running 12 to 12, constantly in shallow relationships, afraid of being alone, and suffered from low self-worth. It took a GERD diagnosis and a HUGE panic attack to finally take the reigns of my life back. From that day there has been no looking back. I now have made it a mission to help people become conscious in all aspects of their lives. My approaches in therapy include ACT, the Gottman Method, as well as modalities like Inner Child Healing and Hypnotherapy,  I specialise with individuals aged 18-45, struggling with relationships & and family, and/or dealing with stagnancy in life. Join me in changing your tomorrow by acting on it TODAY!

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What is Relationship Therapy?

Does the question itself intimidate you? Yes, I know, it may, considering the fact that "therapy" seems like something you indulge in only when the situation is bad or beyond your control. Hence I would like to explain this to you differently :

🔍 a private session where you talk to a professional about your relationship (present, past, or future) & share all of the good, bad, ugly, exciting, sexy, shameful, amazing, giggle-inducing stuff WITH the intention of understanding YOUR needs & deal with issues that exist or may crop up in the future, is Relationship therapy. 

And it doesn't end here. You can opt for Relationship therapy regardless of whether you are dating, married, single or separated. What? YES!

Let me explain...

It helps you :

  • Understand your needs

  • Gain perspective

  • See clearer

  • Learn Relationship Techniques that help you communicate, solve problem & meet expectations

  • Feel supported 

  • Become conscious 

  • Understand your partner/prospective partners better

  • Unlearn limiting beliefs about love & romance

  • Possibly create YOUR version of your dream relationship

Who should opt in?

Should I say everyone? No honestly!

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If you have never dated & want to start by understanding relationships & addressing your apprehension or concerns.

If you are casual dating & want to step into something serious

Image by Hassaan Qaiser
Image by Sean Sinclair

If you are already in a relationship and are thinking of long-term commitment or marriage

If you are a committed couple and want to understand your relationship better + make it a conscious journey of growth and love

Image by Hassaan Qaiser
Image by mymind

And finally, if you are facing issues in your relationship, with family, extended family, been contemplating separation or dissolving a marriage, relationship therapy can help you think clearly amidst the chaos.

  • I don't want to get on a Video session. Can I opt for a Telephonic Conversation or better
    First off..we completely understand and we are glad you still want to do this despite of your apprehensions. You need not switch on your Video & that's completely okay. We don't offer telephone services. And we believe that chat may not be the best medium in order to receive genuine guidance.
  • I would like to avail more than 1 session a week, Can I?
    It's always better to introspect and reflect on the concepts and things we discuss during a session. Hence traditionally most therapists believe that once a week is a great standard timeline. But some cases are special and we are willing to accommodate you for multiple sessions in a week if you truly need it. Please bring this up with Kasturi M when you talk for specific guidance.
  • I am not an Indian Citizen. Can I still avail your services?
    Yes! I have worked with clients from over 10+ countries. I provide virtual therapy through Google Meet. For payment we offer only offer PayPal at the moment If you face any issues , do drop us a mail at with the subject line "International Payment" and we will get back to you within 12 hours.
  • What are the modes of payment available for Indian Citizens?
    We offer payment through PayU which includes all Indian Debit and Credit cards, Wallets as well as Net Banking & UPI. In case you are having any issues, please drop us a mail at with the subject line "PAYMENT ISSUES" and we will try to revert back to you within 4-6 hours.
  • I have paid for my session but haven't received any link to schedule a session yet!
    We email you the scheduling link on your registered email id within 12-24 hours of a confirmed payment. Please be patient & be assured that you will be able to talk to me soon. After scheduling the session, you will also be prompted to fill out an intake form, please proceed to do so if you are a 1st time client.
  • Can I book more than 6 sessions?
    Yes, after finishing the "Committed To Healing" sessions talk to your therapist if you feel you can benefit from more sessions.
  • Can just one person in a committed relationship also avail Couple Therapy?
    Yes, you can. Please visit the Individual Relationship Therapy link to book an individual session Opt for Couple Therapy only if both partners are onboard and want to indulge in counselling for their relationship.
  • Can I simultaneously be in Individual AND Couple therapy?
    No, this isn't recommended. If you wish to indulge in Individual Therapy simultaneously, please look for other therapists or wait until you finish your Couple Sessions to avail Individual Counselling from Kasturi M
  • How do I know if I need Reparenting?
    If you feel you are : Overly Critical with yourself Too Restrictive with yourself having trouble recognising feelings, emotions & needs Finding it difficult to treat yourself with love & compassion Self sabotaging your relationships I suggest you try the Reparenting Course. you will understand yourself and your actions so much better. It will help you identify needs (both in your life & relationships), build good habits and realise your self sabotaging habits!
  • What exactly is Reparenting?
    The entire concept of reparenting comes from the term Inner Child. We all have an Inner Child within us. If we do not acknowledge the child within, we continue to engage in self sabotaging behaviour and function unconsciously throughout all situation & events in our life. We are still under the influence of why and how situations affected us as kids in a helpless environment, dependent on our caregivers for basically everything. We wish our fathers would be more present, our mothers would have stood up for themselves more often, wish our parents would show us love in ways other than food or school stuff, wish we could be more vocal about love, wish life was what we see in pop culture growing up. We grow up feeling misunderstood and unloved, though maybe our parents/caregivers tried their best/that's all they knew/they had their own trauma & were unhealed, leaving them incapable to display emotions or love and parent consciously. No matter what the reason, we end up feeling resentment and intense negative feelings, unable to understand why and where it stems from, we give in to substances, food, work and jump aimlessly from one relationship to another, searching for the love & care we craved as children. In reality, we are 20/30/40 somethings with the unmet needs of a 5/10/17 year old. In order to snap out of that programming, live more conscious & fruitful lives, to end internal conflict & tom be more truly happy & joyous, we need to take reigns of our past for a free future.
  • How do I go about joining the Self-Reparenting course?
    The Self- Reparenting course is a very hands-on course. Please checkout through PayPal and you will be added to the course within 24 hours of your payment. You get lifetime access to all recording and worksheets.

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