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Do you often find yourself worrying about your relationships😓, seeking constant reassurance, 🤔or feeling overwhelmed by the fear of abandonment?😭

These could be signs of anxious attachment, a pattern formed early in life that affects how we connect with others. 

How many behaviours can you identify with?

👉🏼You often find yourself seeking validation and reassurance from your partners, friends, or family members. 

👉🏼You have a deep-seated fear of being abandoned or rejected. This fear can lead you to be hyper-vigilant about any signs of distance or change in your relationships.

👉🏼You tend to overthink interactions and events, constantly analyzing conversations and searching for hidden meanings. This overthinking seems to create a lot of unnecessary stress and anxiety.

👉🏼Do you often experience intense mood fluctuations, depending on the state of your relationships? You might go from feeling elated to extremely anxious within a short span of time.

👉🏼You have been called clingy and possessive by your partner/s in the past. You realise that you feel pangs of jealousy and insecurity, especially when your partner interacts with others.

👉🏼You often struggle to differentiate between your own needs and those of your partner.

👉🏼You hate conflict & try to avoid it at all costs because disagreements could lead to relationship breakdown. 

👉🏼You often criticize yourself and blame yourself for any issues in your relationships. 

👉🏼You tend to dive headfirst into relationships, seeking deep emotional connection quickly. 


👉🏼You struggle with being alone. Being in the presence of others is better than being alone. 

If you answered YES to 3 or more statements, you lean towards an anxious attachment in your romantic relationships 😬💗

Introducing the
✨Anxious To Assured™ Methodology✨

The ATA Methodology is a trailblazing fusion of conscious therapy techniques and potent hypnosis audio sessions. Prepare to rewrite your attachment story and transition from anxious uncertainty to the realm of lasting confidence and poise.

What is Anxious Attachment?

Anxious attachment is a psychological framework rooted in attachment theory. John Bowlby, a psychologist studied attachment between children and their primary caregivers - and bifurcated the way children attach to their parents into different styles namely secure, anxious, avoidant and disorganised. Anxious attachment is characterized by heightened dependency and preoccupation with a significant attachment figure. Individuals with anxious attachment exhibit an amplified desire for emotional closeness, often accompanied by intense fears of abandonment and a persistent need for reassurance.

This attachment pattern typically emerges from inconsistent caregiving during early developmental stages, which leads to the internalization of a sense of unpredictability and insecurity in relationships. Individuals with anxious attachment frequently engage in hyperactivating strategies to maintain proximity and seek validation, yet these behaviors can inadvertently trigger negative interactions and emotional distance, ultimately perpetuating the very fears they seek to alleviate. 

From nervously checking for text notifications to confidently embracing the unpredictable rhythms of love, the journey from ANXIOUS TO ASSURED in relationships is transformative.

It's like trading in a shaky tightrope walk for a graceful dance, where self-assuredness takes the lead. With each step, you learn to trust the process, let go of doubts, and savor the joy of genuine connections without the constant need for reassurance. It's about rewriting your heart's script from uncertainty to confidence, making room for healthier bonds and a more secure, vibrant love story.

Reasons to move from anxious to assured in the attachment spectrum

to foster healthier and more fulfilling connections

increased self-love, self-worth and acceptance

reduced anxiety & emotional turmoil in relationship

foster independence & autonomy & growth

break negative patterns stemming from childhood

increased self-trust & resilience to overcome challenges

So you understand you are Anxiously Attached, now what? Is there a way to fix this? Can you ever feel more at peace in your romantic relationship?

Yes and yes. But let me tell you something - your attachment style is nothing to be FIXED. It is what it is - just a style. Attachmmet styles exist on a spectrum - you can be Anxiously attached most times - but also be Secure and Avoidant at times. The ratio mostly for an Anxious attacher might be 80:10:10. You need to stop TRYING TO FIX yourself. Instead, focus on

💗 Understanding the possible roots of your Anxious Attachment - Includes revisiting and acknowledging inner child wounds and early attachment patterns

💗 Getting to the root of your abandonment fears

💗 Crushing all the negative & limiting beliefs that lead you to catastrophize

💗 Understanding and owning your needs without guilt or shame

💗 Learning to prioritise and love yourself

Realising the strengths of your Anxious Attachment and using them to their advantage instead of falling victim to it

💗 Unlearning high-alert behavior and adopting a less-stressed and more assured perspective toward life

💗 Using your VOICE consciously instead of other unconscious behaviours like silence, tantrums, or rage

Get ready to heal your


A mix of conscious AND subconscious reframing therapy to help you discover your anxious roots and turn your attachment into a more confident & assured style
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Connect with your inner child to understand roots of your anxious attachment

reframe negative & limiting beliefs about yourself & the relationship

learn to let go of the crippling anxiety & triggers that leads to sabotage 

Develop self-worth to help you be more independent and okay to spend time alone

learn to use your voice &  own your needs & wants

experience stability, calm and emotional safety in your relationship

Why is this course unlike any other?

Anxious Attachment isn't just a set of anxious behavior we consciously exhibit in our romantic relationship. It is more than that. It goes deeper than our conscious thoughts and beliefs. It leaves us questioning ourselves, our decisions, and our thoughts. 🧠 That's why, it is not enough to understand anxious attachment & then try to practice self-soothing to "heal" It requires a deeper understanding of what bonds are actually healthy, whether are you dealing with a relationship or a trauma bond. are your expectations realistic or are your anxieties true because there is no foundation of trust or safety in the relationship? Once these questions are answered, we go deeper still into a series of powerful meditation audios based on the Rapid Transformation Method to help you with inner confidence, trust & security. You rewire your mindset & stare directly into your fears. You emerge like a phoenix - with more understanding of your authentic self, confident in your needs & proud of your scars. 🔥

With "Anxious To Assured"we are going to do a powerful step-by-step process starting right from Reparenting ourself to Reframing our subconscious to shift your Anxiousness to Assuredness - once and for all.🌈

Ready to find emotional security? Begin your journey from anxious attachment to a confident, secure style with "Anxious To Assured." Enroll now! 💗

The Anxious To Assured™ Methodology

Introducing an incomparable and one-of-a-kind framework that harmoniously merges conscious and subconscious efforts, leading to a change that's both long-lasting and profoundly meaningful

Week 1 : Understanding Attachment Styles

In the first week, we dive into the fascinating world of attachment styles. You'll uncover the roots of your anxious attachment and gain a crystal-clear understanding of how it impacts your relationships. We'll break down the science behind attachment theory in relatable terms, ensuring you grasp the core concepts and set the foundation for a powerful transformation.

Week 3 : Understanding Your Deepest Needs and Wants

In week three, we dig even deeper into your emotional landscape. You'll uncover your most profound needs and desires, helping you communicate more effectively in relationships. Understanding what truly fuels your emotional well-being empowers you to forge connections built on authenticity, mutual understanding, and shared growth.

Week 5 : Voice, Regulation, and Interdependence

Finally, in week five, we'll show you how to use your voice to create a bridge between your emotions and your relationships. You'll learn the art of emotional regulation, paving the way for healthier interactions. By boosting your self-worth and confidence, you'll model secure behavior, fostering high levels of interdependence in your romantic connections.

Week 2 : Inner Child & Limiting Beliefs

Week two is all about connecting with your inner child – that little version of you that holds the key to your emotional responses. We guide you through exercises that help you heal past wounds and challenge limiting beliefs that have been holding you back. It's like unlocking a treasure chest of insights, allowing you to nurture yourself and rewrite the script of your relationship story.

Week 4 : Reprogramming Your Subconscious with Hypnosis

Week four introduces a powerful tool – hypnosis. Through carefully designed audios, you'll reprogram your subconscious mind, allowing it to embrace new, secure attachment behaviors effortlessly. Picture yourself sitting back, as your subconscious absorbs positive beliefs and thought patterns, paving the way for lasting change.

So, whether you're navigating the early stages of a relationship or looking to strengthen an existing bond, our five-week program is designed to take you from feeling anxious to embodying secure behavior. With the power of hypnosis, you can sit back and let your subconscious do the heavy lifting, rewiring your responses for lasting positive change. Get ready to embark on this journey towards confidence and thriving relationships – you've got this! 🌟🚀


"Anxious To Assured" is not just a course—it's your ticket to transforming your attachment style from anxious to secure. As you've discovered, the journey from anxious attachment to emotional security is a powerful one. It's about understanding the roots of your anxieties, nurturing your inner self, and rewriting your relationship story. With expert guidance and practical tools, you'll learn how to forge healthier connections, build your self-worth, and reclaim your emotional well-being.

So, are you ready to invest in yourself, embrace change, and set sail on a journey toward security and fulfillment? Your path from anxious to assured awaits.

Let's embark on this transformative adventure together.


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