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🌻Healing🌻 isn't easy,

but healing isn't as difficult as you think it is if you know what to do...

and then start doing it.

Are you someone who...

  • Knows and understands your triggers but still can't help but react in ways that hurt you later on?

  • Has been to therapy but seem to fall back to your old habits as quickly as you learn new analogies about yourself?

  • Has tried every healing methodology but "nothing works?"

  • Knows where you want to go but has no clue on how to start?

  • Is struggling to build an upgraded version of yourself ?

Then it might help to give yourself 30 days of consistency & see the difference!

🌈 True healing happens when you create safety & hold space for yourself.

🌈 True healing happens when you are consistent and trust the process instead of being anxious about the outcome.

🌈 True healing happens when you start where you are, with what you have.

But what do I mean when I say




and loads of emotional release followed or preceded by relief, learning to prioritise oneself, practising forgiveness & recreating safety for the physical & nervous system

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And how does healing make a difference in our life?

  • We start becoming more present

  • We are able to regulate our emotions much better

  • We can operate out of a place of love instead of hurt

  • We develop greater awareness of our strengths, needs & limits

  • We can stop procrastination & self-sabotage

  • We start inculcating a growth - mindset

  • We develop positive self-talk

  • As we heal our inner world, the effects can be seen with our outer world - we might inculcate the courage to ditch toxic relationships, attract positive & healthy bonds and have deeper & better connections with people

  • We can embark on a journey to create our best life once we consciously try to grow & heal from our past

But many times in our process of healing, we get stuck. Some get stuck in the loop of learning more & rationalising, others get stuck when they do not see immediate results after they indulged in a day of self-care or introspection. And many others just procrastinate (usually a result of fear of the future, past beliefs or self-sabotaging coping mechanisms) & depend on motivation, which usually never shows up consistently.

And of course, we have all the right intentions. We would love to feel liberated and free. We might even know what we need to do. But we can't seem to do it. We wait for better circumstances & maybe others to inspire us, make us feel space or ease the situations for us, all this while forgetting that it is in fact...

our own self is perfectly capable of starting the healing process.
We can heal. We can grow. Consciously.

Introducing the
30 day Self- Healing Program
- to help you take consistent action by fighting procrastination so that you can
get out of your own way and truly heal!
  • Sound too good to be true?

  • Well, believe it!

  • Sounds like any other healing course?

  • Well NO - because I want you to succeed, so I am setting you up for success. 

  • This program is like no other - it is a 30 Day intensive, entirely EMAIL based - containing videos, worksheets, and practices you need to do that day - and all of it will be delivered right to your inbox EVERYDAY for 30 days. No logging in on any website once you hop on board, and no more BUYING courses and forgetting about them - I am making it easy for you to access the content so that you can focus on the healing.


Hosted by Kasturi M, @heymisstherapist 

In all these years of working 1:1 with clients, Kasturi noticed that a lot of individuals struggle with maintaining the practices they develop or learn about in therapy or struggle to implement the knowledge & awareness that they now possess in real-life situations.


To cater to this gap, Kasturi has compiled tools, knowledge & techniques to heal the mind, body & spirit in this intensive 30-day self-healing program for individuals who are willing to embark on a self-healing journey who otherwise struggle to remain consistent in their practices or have trouble implementing their knowledge in difficult situations.

How does the 30 Day Self-Healing Program work?

Broken Mirror

You can enroll in the 30 Day
Self-Healing program for
₹4999 to facilitate your healing - by building awareness, repetition & safety in your body and mind.
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This program is specifically catered to all of you who :

  • Feel "stuck"

  • Want to change past narratives that have dictated your life for way too long now

  • Want to feel emotionally regulated

  • Want to feel better in your body and mind

  • Want to build a healing routine for themselves - making it a way of life rather than seeing healing as something people need only when difficulty strikes.

So what can I expect in the 30 day Self Healing program?

Once you enroll, you will receive emails every day for the next 30 days. Emails will contain a sequence of tools, techniques, and information essential for healing to happen. Somedays emails will contain a video educating you about a certain topic, other days it might include prompts or exercises to help you build a wellness routine. 

Day 1: Understand your nervous system 

Day 2: Build a chanting practice 

Day 3: Get in touch with your Emotions 

Day 4: Build safety for your body with a grounding practice 

Day 5: How to control overwhelm

Day 6: Chanting Practise

Day 7: Build a self-care ritual

Day 8: Learning to let go of shame & guilt...and so on

In 30 days, we will gather more information about our needs, develop positive inner dialogue, and build more self-compassion and everyday healthy habits for our mind, body & soul. All these activities should take up 10-15 minutes of your day each day. 

Past participants of this course have SEEN & FELT results👇🏽

98% of participants completed the course - unlike any other Online course they had enrolled in before

70% of participants felt a decrease in procrastination

60% of participants established a morning routine in 30 days - one that they continued to practice after the course ended

"Thank you for the course. I have really enjoyed the journey & self-time" - J

The amount of deep-dive into my emotions! Whee. But worth it for sure" - R

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