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If you are

  • Overly critical with yourself

  • Too restrictive with yourself

  • Having trouble recognising feelings, emotions & needs

  • Finding it difficult to treat yourself with love & compassion

  • Self sabotaging your relationships

Then it might help to
Reparent Yourself

We depend on our parents/primary caregivers as children not only for our basic needs like food & shelter but also for other skills - to manage emotions, to be expressive, to set healthy boundaries...if we do not get those age appropriate discipline, unconditional love, see examples of healthy relationships...we struggle with these as "issues" in our adult life.

We believe we should be innately capable of conquering life & relationships, WHEREAS we couldn't be more wrong.

Just like we learn math & science in order to get educated, we need to

learn life skills as well.

Most of our previous generation was in survival mode, meaning basically they were fighting tooth & nail to provide for us, maybe building life in a new city, trying to give us the best of education or setting up a business & paying bills etc. And yes, chances are you are in survival mode too, mimicking the life you saw as a child. But...

It's time to be conscious & flourish.

Do your childhood a favour & give yourself the values & beliefs you didn't get as a child.

You absolutely owe it to yourself as a responsible, fully independent adult to not only be in control of your finances & food, but also of your emotions & gather beliefs that empower you & propel yourself to the life you have always dreamt off.

Why Reparent Yourself?

If we do not acknowledge the child within, we continue to engage in self sabotaging behaviour and function unconsciously throughout all situation & events in our life. We are still under the influence of why and how situations affected us as kids in a helpless environment, dependent on our caregivers for basically everything. We wish our fathers would be more present, our mothers would have stood up for themselves more often, wish our parents would show us love in ways other than food or school stuff, wish we could be more vocal about love, wish life was what we see in pop culture growing up.

We grow up feeling misunderstood and unloved, though maybe our parents/caregivers tried their best/that's all they knew/they had their own trauma & were unhealed, leaving them incapable to display emotions or love and parent consciously.

No matter what the reason, we end up feeling resentment and intense negative feelings, unable to understand why and where it stems from, we give in to substances, food, work and jump aimlessly from one relationship to another, searching for the love & care we craved as children. In reality, we are 20/30/40 somethings with the unmet needs of a 5/10/17 year old.

In order to snap out of that programming, live more conscious & fruitful lives, to end internal conflict & to

be more truly happy & joyous, we need to take reigns of our past for a free future.

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