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My approach for Relationship Therapy

I focus on an Acceptance & Commitment based approach along with Positive Psychology and Mindfulness techniques for your holistic growth. Though I am a trained therapist, I identify myself as more as a coach because I take on a hands-on approach, more than a passive approach. I do focus a lot on my clients identifying their goals and actively working towards them throughout the week and not in the 1:1 sessions only, coz i believe that intention without any action doesn't take us anywhere. I hope to talk with you soon and help you identify ways for your growth.

Kasturi M

Choose a session

I offer three different plans to suit your needs. You may choose from any of the below package options or opt for single sessions. All sessions are conducted remotely and on a flexible schedule that fits your needs. Reflection emails are sent after sessions with a summary of each conversation and suggested assignments to support your progress and growth. You're always welcome to stay in contact between sessions via email.

You will be able to choose your slot timing immediately after your payment is done. Let's choose to grow and heal, consciously.

Session Information
  • A stable Internet connection & a pair of earphones are recommended. The therapist will initiate the session at the scheduled time. The platform used for video sessions is GoogleMeet. The link to join the session will be in your scheduling confirmation email.

  • At the scheduled time, try and sit at quiet place, with all of your awareness. Do not be multitasking while on the session (unless extremely important of course - but generally no driving, exercising etc) It is important to be present.

  • Each session will start off with discussing the issue and end with an actionable (the client is expected to attempt any homework given)

  • It’s imperative to be honest and transparent with your therapist in order to maximise benefits.

  • The session is absolutely confidential and none of the information will be used for any other purpose. Your privacy is taken seriously. Recording of any kind is not allowed. Breach of privacy will lead to non- refundable cancellation of session

  • A minimum of 4-6 sessions are advised in order to see visible changes. 

  • The therapist will try their best to provide necessary information that will help you with your situation. Implementation and execution of to-do’s are necessary and are completely your responsibility. 

  • Rescheduling of session is limited to 24 hours before the session. In case of a no-show, your payment cannot be refunded. In case of any medical or personal emergency, please write to with the subject line “Emergency Rescheduling”

  • In case you decide to cancel a session before 48 hours of the scheduled time, you will be eligible for a full refund. Any cancellation done after that period is not eligible if any refund. 

  • Well, that’s all. In case you feel jittery, deep breaths can help. Also keep a bottle of water near you and find a quiet place to talk your heart out. Sometimes things that are good for us might seem daunting or uncomfortable, but that’s what brings growth too.

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