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Avoidant Alchemy - Unveiling the Mystery of Your Partner's Behavior

Dive deep into the intricate world of understanding avoidant partners with our course, "Avoidant Alchemy." Discover whether your partner is genuinely avoidant, narcissistic, manipulative, or simply disinterested. Uncover the roots of their behavior and gain insights into the impact on your relationship, child, or even yourself. Learn to show up with confidence while holding space for them without succumbing to anxiety.

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Still wondering if your Avoidant partner can give you the relationship that you desire?

It's Time For Change

Stop being unsure. Forget about complicated attachment theories. Don't believe that Avoidants are the worst partners. Quit thinking about ways to leave. It's time to really understand Avoidant behavior once and for all.

Avoidant Alchemy is the only course you will need to understand your Avoidant partner

Designed for comprehension without resorting to separation. Dive into a journey of understanding without the need for drastic measures. Avoidant Alchemy simplifies complexities for a stronger connection.

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🔍 Course Highlights:


Decoding Avoidance

Understand the nuances between avoidance, narcissism, and manipulation.


Effective Communication Strategies

Learn how to communicate with an avoidant partner and foster understanding


Root Analysis

Explore the origins of your partner's behavior and its effects on your relationship dynamics.



Reflect on your own reactions and behaviors in response to an avoidant partner.


Confidence Building

Gain tools and techniques to show up more confidently in your relationship.

A Seamless 3-Step Journey

Step 1: Secure Your Spot by Registering

Embark on your transformation by securing your spot through registration. Visit our dedicated portal and register your place in "Avoidant Alchemy."

Step 2: Dive into the Live Webinar and Daily Insights

Once your order is secured, immerse yourself in a webinar recording where Kasturi gives you a breakdown of what Avoidant behavior is, and where it stems from the differences that can separate narcissists & abusers from avoidants. Simultaneously, receive a daily dose of wisdom with 30 carefully crafted emails sent directly to your inbox. This continuous guidance will support you in dealing with your avoidant partner and building a stronger, more resilient relationship.

Step 3: Enhance Your Journey - Download the Digital Card Game Experience

Amplify your learning by downloading Deeper - this unique experience consists of 60 prompts covering diverse topics, from finances to early childhood and language preferences. Deepen your connection with your partner by exploring these prompts together, fostering a deeper understanding of each other's perspectives and creating a more profound bond.

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🌐 Course Delivery

Join Kasturi in discussing avoidant behaviour & understanding the real roots, complemented by 30 daily emails guiding you through dealing with your avoidant partner. As a bonus, gain access to a curated card game experience featuring 60 prompts covering topics from finances to early childhood and love languages. Enhance connection and understanding between anxious and avoidant partners.

Before Avoidant Alchemy...

❌ Confusion: Feel lost in deciphering your partner's behavior.

❌ Anxiety: Struggle with overwhelming anxiety when dealing with your avoidant partner.

❌ Communication Breakdown: Experience difficulties communicating effectively in your relationship.

❌ Self-Doubt: Lack confidence in understanding and handling your partner's avoidant tendencies.

❌ Unresolved Issues: Encounter recurring issues without addressing the root causes.

After Avoidant Alchemy...

✅ Clarity: Understand your partner's behavior and its roots with newfound clarity.

✅ Confidence: Approach your relationship with confidence and self-assurance.

✅ Effective Communication: Master the art of communication with your avoidant partner.

✅ Personal Growth: Experience personal growth by navigating challenges with resilience.

✅Healthy Relationship Dynamics: Foster a healthier and more fulfilling relationship through newfound understanding.

Empower yourself by enrolling in Avoidant Alchemy and see your perspective change for your relationship & your Avoidant partner in 30 days

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- Here's what's included : -

Get started for $75

Empower your journey towards personal growth and relationship enhancement by choosing 'Avoidant Alchemy.' For just $75, you gain entry to a transformative experience that not only enlightens but also fuels your evolution. Take the step towards positive change and unlock the potential for transformative change in your relationships.

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