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What is Relationship Therapy?

Does the question itself intimidate you? Yes, I know, it may, considering the fact that "therapy" seems like something you indulge in only when the situation is bad or beyond your control. Hence I would like to explain this to you differently :

a private session where you talk to a professional about your relationship (present, past or future) & share all of the good, bad, ugly, exciting, sexy, shameful, amazing, giggle inducing stuff WITH the intention of understanding YOUR needs & deal with issues that exist or may crop up in the future, is Relationship therapy. 

And it doesn't end here. You can opt for Relationship therapy regardless of whether you are dating, married, single or separated. What? YES!

Let me explain...


It helps you :

  • Understand your needs

  • Gain perspective

  • See clearer

  • Learn Relationship Techniques that help you communicate, solve problem & meet expectations

  • Feel supported 

  • Become conscious 

  • Understand your partner/prospective partners better

  • Unlearn limiting beliefs about love & romance

  • Possibly create YOUR version of your dream relationship

Who should opt in?

Should I say everyone? No honestly!

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If you have never dated & want to start by understanding relationships & addressing your apprehension or concerns.

If you are casual dating & want to step into something serious

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If you are already in a relationship and are thinking of long-term commitment or marriage

If you are a committed couple and want to understand your relationship better + make it a conscious journey of growth and love

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And finally, if you are facing issues in your relationship, with family, extended family, been contemplating separation or dissolving a marriage, relationship therapy can help you think clearly amidst the chaos.

Here's what people are saying

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Raj S, Consultant

Honestly, needed this. Thanks. Felt much lighter...better perspective

Image by and machines

A, Homemaker

I found it reassuring. I was wanting to talk to someone who would be non-judgemental. I found Ma'am through Instagram and it felt like i was talking to an old friend

Image by name_ gravity

Rohini Mehra, Freelancer

Hi! First of all, THANKS K. I was honestly tired of repeating the same mistakes in my relationship again and again. I am taking so many valuable insights from this session that i can apply to my life. I am waiting to attend part 2 (Conscious Choices Workshop)


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Hi, I am Kasturi M

And I am your Relationship Coach.

I strongly believe that problems are our triggers & if we pay enough attention, they direct us towards much needed change. I was eating & drinking my days through stress, running 12 to 12, constantly in shallow relationships, afraid of being alone & suffered from low self worth. It took a GERD diagnosis & a HUGE panic attack to finally take reigns of my life back. From that day there has been no looking back. I now have made it a mission to help people like me reach the pinnacle of their abilities by awakening the sleeping potential in them. I combine psychotherapy & holistic wellbeing practices in my work and cater to individuals struggling with relationships & family and/or dealing with stagnancy in life. Join me in changing your tomorrow by acting on it TODAY!

Interested in working with me?

1:1 session intake is now open! Check out the packages I offer in individual & couple therapy. Learn more about my approach & details of how working with me looks like <3

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