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We all have stuff to share

The LetterBox can be used to share any situation - might be something you are currently struggling with or just an incident you want to get off your chest 

Each week, a few submissions will be taken up on my Instagram page @heymisstherapist where I will help you gain some clarity & perspective or empathy and support - as needed.

How sharing can really HELP -

Sharing your struggles, feelings and thoughts allows you to gain new perspectives on the situation and to more objectively analyse a situation. When you share what is going on for you, chances are high that your friends will respond and share that they too are feeling, or have felt, similarly to you. Opening up invites others to be more honest about their own struggles, allowing you to build stronger, healthier and more supportive relationships.

You are not alone

 Please note that The LetterBox facility is not a substitute for therapy. This is intended to be a sharing platform - to connect and to gain perspective safely & without judgement

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Pour your <3 out

Thanks for submitting!
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